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Engage! Free Class Offered to Expand Your Opportunities as You Age

Advertising inundates us with messages about “anti-aging” skin creams and supplements, drugs and diets. What if we turn the tables on those marketing messages and instead embrace aging?

Shifting our thinking about “old age” is one step toward a shift in public perception about what it means to live well at any age. That’s what Engage! is about. It is an initiative of Green Valley Recreation and Casa Community Services that will bring an expanded array of social and recreational services to GVR members. For the public at large, Engage! offers a free class that offers insights into current research and practical approaches to aging well. Focused on well-being and resilience – no matter what life throws at you – the class encourages attendees to set goals and plan for the realities and opportunities that the years can bring.

The first class is Jan. 12 and it will be repeated monthly through 2016. To participate, please call 520-838-0160 and ask to reserve a place in the Engage! class.