Volunteering Creates Community!

Did you know the United States was founded on volunteerism?

According to the VolunteerMatch.org blog post, the original American colonists banded together to help each other plant and harvest crops, build houses, and create a new government.  In 1736,  Benjamin Franklin created and developed the first volunteer firehouse.

Since then, volunteers have played a pivotal role accomplishing the impossible in most historical events: The Great Awakening, The Civil War, The Great Depression, and World War II.

Volunteering creates community! Volunteers shape history by committing their time and efforts to a course of action benefiting others. Whether your retired or still in the work force, volunteerism creates solutions most communities don’t have the resources to solve.

Anyone can volunteer. Your volunteerism benefits children, retirees, nonprofits, and community service organizations providing crucial assistance to the general public. In Green Valley, examples of these organizations are the Green Valley-Sahuarita Community Food Bank and Valley Assistance Services.

Volunteering allows one to…

  • Share their knowledge with younger generations
  • Make new friends
  • Discover hidden talents
  • Build new skill sets
  • Improve life for others
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Find sense of purpose
  • Creates smiles

Ready to volunteer?

Here’s how one can volunteer in the Green Valley- Sahuarita , Arizona community:

Visit the Green Valley – Sahuarita  Volunteer Clearinghouse which lists the latest, local volunteering opportunities!

If you wish to volunteer with La Posada or Casa Community Services, visit our volunteer page. Or , dial La Posada Volunteer Manager Barbara Salazar at 520-648-7999.


La Posada’s mission :To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer maintenance-free living choices: apartments, Garden Homes, and Park Centre Homes.