What is La Posada’s mission and what do we do? Read our 2016 Annual Report!

What is La Posada’s mission and what do we do?

La Posada CEO Lisa Israel stated our mission best during the recent 30th Anniversary Re-Dedication Celebration at La Posada:

  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to its mission of serving seniors and enriching their lives
  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to the well being of the Green Valley – Sahuarita community and to communities it may serve in the future
  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to its core values of respect, integrity, teamwork, meaningful employment and community
  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to its not-for-profit philosophy of long-term commitment and putting people above profit
  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to the value of relationships – between and among residents, their families, employees, and the community
  • La Posada re-dedicates itself to learning from its past, fully engaging in the here and now, but always planning well for the future

And where is the proof we are fulfilling our mission?

Discover,  download, read or share a digital edition of  La Posada’s 2016 Annual Report!

What will you learn from La Posada’s 2016 Annual Report:

  • How we give back to our community
  • How we create Lifestyle
  • Financial summary
  • Mission Moments
  • What happened at La Posada in 2016

Thank you to past and present residents and their families, employees, Trustees, donors, volunteers, and the Southern Arizona community for supporting our mission: To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors!

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer award-winning, maintenance-free living choices: Apartments, Garden Homes, and Park Centre Homes. La Posada is 30 and Thriving!