La Posada’s Emergency Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Please read and share…

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Please read! La Posada’s Emergency Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The health and well-being of our residents, employees, and all of our families are of utmost importance during this unprecedented time. As we all are witnessing the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation evolving by the minute, we wanted to let families and friends know the measures we are taking to ensure the safety and well-being of residents, customers, and staff. We are following recommendations put forth by the CDC as well as the Pima County Health Department and Arizona Department of Health in an effort to protect those we serve while ensuring the continuity of essential services and care. Our executive team, under the overall guidance of La Posada’s Board of Trustees, is working together with management and resident leaders to proactively implement our Emergency Plan as needed.

One of the most important aspects of mitigating a pandemic is to slow down the spread of the infection, referred to by experts as “flattening the curve“. Importantly, this helps to avoid overwhelming our healthcare systems and allows for better treatment of those who need it, resulting in fewer deaths. It also allows time for effective testing to be distributed and hopefully the development of treatments. La Posada aims to do our part to help flatten the curve of the virus by taking measures to reduce public exposure.

Some of these measures include:

  • Seven staff and resident forums to inform about the symptoms and dangers that COVID-19 and the seasonal flu pose with particular concern for senior citizens.
  • All staff has been trained about the importance of proper handwashing. Reminder signs have been employee bathrooms.
  • Infection control protocols have all been reviewed with nursing staff throughout campus.
  • Care Management nursing staff are triaging sick residents in independent living by telephone to determine what care is needed and to assist in making arrangements to see a medical provider if needed.
  • Management is regularly checking with Green Valley Fire to align procedurally to assure the best measures in 911 calls are taken.
  • La Posada’s three Assisted Living buildings are closed to all visitors until further notice. Residents of La Joya, La Via, and La Hacienda have been asked to remain on the campus except for emergency medical care. We recognize how difficult this will be for residents and their loved ones but limiting potential exposure is a crucial element of containment of the virus.
  • Residents in independent living have been discouraged to have any visitors to campus and encouraged to voluntarily isolate in their homes.
  • No outside visitors are allowed for now in any of La Posada’s six dining rooms. The “Gourmet To Go” pick up and go service is readily available and plans to close all on-campus dining rooms will be implemented on Tuesday, March 24, and will be replaced with meal service delivery to resident homes.
  • The Continental Club for non-resident members has been temporarily suspended until further notice.
  • All group classes and off-campus trips have been canceled. Six video-taped exercise programs are available to residents on La Posada’s in-house television.
  • The monthly Resident Council meeting was closed to attendees but was broadcast live to residents in their homes.

Special Events that have been canceled include:

  • The Taste of La Posada (March 20)
  • The final Concert for a Better Community at the Shoppes
  • Farmers Market at the Shoppes (Mondays)
  • AARP Tax Services in the Recreation Center
  • Off-campus groups’ use of La Posada meeting spaces
  • The Performing Arts program at the end of March
  • Great Decisions Series
  • The Friday Resident Forums
  • Caregiver Event Day at Posada Life Community Services
  • The Community Centenarian Breakfast

Other events not mentioned are subject to change.

From all of us at La Posada, be safe and stay healthy! 

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