Season’s Greetings from the Inn Artists!

Does your artistic expression and ingenuity take flight during the holiday season?

As sparkly and shiny Christmas decorations descend onto the La Posada campus,  resident artists mix past and present memories into thoughtful holiday wishes filled with soulful ideas needed in today’s  complex world.

The Inn Artists, La Posada resident artists,  exemplary works fill the hallways, common areas, and grounds throughout our retirement community. Their artwork defines La Posada’s whimsical campus and gives our senior living character.

This year,  the Inn Artists want us to share their holiday greetings and wishes with our blog audience. Their greeting cards offer a great array of Happy Holiday greetings.  Some reflective of the southwest culture, others offering “new” ideas of simplicity and kindness in a now “connected” world.

Enjoy our resident artist’s holiday wishes!

Below, Kit Humphries reminds us about the simple idea of home….All are welcome during the holidays.




Above, La Posada resident Jim Murray offers his season’s greetings from the place he calls HOME!  Home and belonging are what inspires his creativity.  Jim, thank you for the great drawing of one of our Garden Homes.


Above, Bernice Vertner shares a simple premise those who celebrate Christmas often forget….

Below,  Betty Greeley’s greeting card thought to her peeps: Good will toward people.



Above,  Jim Murray’s holiday greeting drawing displays a popular Southern Arizona destination, Tumacacori National Historic Park.  This mission building is shown decorated for Christmas with luminaries, a popular Southwestern lantern.

Below, James and Carol Heuser offers a 3D Hanukkah or Festivals of Lights greeting: Tolerance, Peace, Love, & Shalom.


Above, Frieda Van Houten wishes all tweets, friends, and family: “Wishing You A Season That Sparkles, A New Year That Shines”.


Above, Serene Rein asks everyone to ponder their blessings!


Above, James Heuser extends a “digital” dove of peace to all friends, family, and new acquaintances.

Below, Lynn Norred’s Poinsettia is December’s birth flower and instills good cheer, mirth, and happy celebrations to all throughout the holiday season.



Here’s to a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2017!

La Posada’s mission: To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer maintenance-free living choices: spacious apartments, Garden Homes, and award-winning Park Centre Homes.

How to right-size your move? Tips from La Posada’s Settling-In crew!

“We’re moving!”

Now, take a deep breath and let your body relax….

Moving is one of the most stressful life events one will face.  Moving means leaving what is familiar and taking a chance offering new employment opportunities, life experiences, retirement, or pursuing a dream.  To many, moving is leaving children or grandchildren, good friends, a well-established life, and parting with “stuff” one used throughout the years.

Often, moving means giving up control of the situation to complete strangers: Your placing your stuff, heirlooms, and family history with businesses recommended to you by family and friends.  Further, we haven’t gotten to the issues of switching doctors, transporting pets, and traveling to your new home.

Presently, the Settling-In crew at La Posada coordinates moves for present and future residents to our campus.  In 2005, Settling-In was created by La Posada to address the need of not just downsizing one’s home, but the real need, right-sizing your future place.  The La Posada Settling-In crew  averages 7 – 12 moves every month.

Right-sizing means making better use of existing or future spaces through proper planning. Right-sizing your home means taking inventory of your stuff and making hard decisions about your household items, furniture, and mementos.

In short, people who right-size their homes need to ponder 3 simple list ideas while taking inventory of their present homes:

  • Must haves for your new place: What would you replace if gone?
  • What I can live without in my new place: These are items you could sell, donate, or offer to the kids.  If space becomes a concern, get rid of these items.
  • Things I could replace: These are big items. Consider replacing the  massive sectional couch with a smaller sofa.

Right-sizing  your home doesn’t need to be an unpleasant, intrusive experience! Your investing in a leap of faith. Slow down and listen to the advice from those you hired to do your move.  Sometimes,  one cannot control the moving results but you can take initiative with proper pre-planning and  organizing tips!  

Whether using moving professionals or your self-movers, La Posada’s  Settling-In coordinator Roxanne Duren-Walters offers these moving tips:

During pre-planning your move….

  • Before moving your furniture to a new place, ask for a “to-scale” floor plan. Measure your furniture and determine if there is enough space to place the furniture you wish to bring
  • Dust off your household items before bringing them into your new clean place.
  • Hang pictures, wall art, and place fragile artwork last.
  • Pack an overnight bag for one day or several nights including your prescriptions. After moving day (s), its nice to wake up, take a shower and put on clean clothes.
  • For the pet owner, keep your pet with a friend or your vet until your completely moved. Moving crews are not aware of your pet and are busy moving you into your place.

Right-sizing your move….

  • In a given knickknack category ask the following: If I can take only 3 pieces with me, which would they be? Which items are meaningful?
  • Any room in your present home you don’t use? Would you miss the items in this room?
  • Can you access present furniture easily? Do you need to bend down or use a ladder to get to items? Maybe its time for functional furniture based on your evolving physical needs.
  • Don’t expect your children to have the same taste in furniture.  If they don’t want an item or piece of furniture, consider an estate sale, or a consignment shop.
  • Will you entertain more or less in your next place?  Often, a full service for 8 silverware, glassware, dinnerware, & serving dishes meets your needs.
  • How often will you be cooking?  Limit the number of pots, pans, and casserole dishes. This includes all those small appliances that you watched a 30 minute commercial about.
  • Clothing: If you haven’t warn it in a year, get rid of it! Keep special occasion clothing provided you intend to wear it again.

Moving tips for self-movers….

  • Place glassware inside socks…Saves on bubble wrap costs!
  • Use your clothing to cushion breakables
  • Label your boxes with contents AND what room it goes into
  • Keep Ziploc baggies and a Sharpie pen handy to hold hardware from items the require dissembling and label.
  • Take a picture of the back of your computer and TV so you know which wire goes where.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to pack. Boxes with cut outs for hands are easier to lift or drag.

Need more unusual moving tips?

Often, moving means right-sizing your place to fit into a new home and lifestyle. Your happiness with moving results depends on asking yourself the hard, honest questions about your present and future needs and your “stuff”.

La Posada’s mission :To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer maintenance-free living choices: apartments, Garden Homes, and Park Centre Homes.

Time Management in Retirement…What’s that?

How do you manage your free time in retirement?

Do you idle and see what happens next? Or, do you set goals to accomplish retirement experiences?

Yes, we are talking about time management in retirement!

We aren’t talking about honey-do lists or the innocuous bucket lists items.  What you do in retirement  is your own choice…But, are you creating a memorable retirement or dwelling on time?

According to a Next Avenue story, many retirees wrestle with the concept of time management during retirement.  In March/April 2016, we asked La Posada residents the following question: How do you manage time in retirement? 

Here are their answers…..

“What is time management?” – Anonymous

“Retirement moves too fast…Too many choices.” – Marilyn

“Do what you want when you want.” -Nancy

“Pick and choose what you want to do! Donate your time to what really matters.” -Bob

“Learn to say no. Don’t over commit yourself. Achieve what you want.” – Mary

“Use calendars and reminder apps from your mobile phone to organize your time.” -Lisa

“Do personal chores everyday. I do one hour on my interests… email, stock market, family..” – Warren

“Make an agenda for each day. What will you accomplish today? Check them off each day. If you hate an item on your agenda,  do the item.  Reward yourself for completing the items you hate. ” – Dorothy

“Again, what is time management?” – Anonymous

“Don’t dwell in the past! This is now!  Do time management by activity, not by the clock. It’s frustrating ..You end up filling time. Pick an activity you enjoy, not time” – Dwight

” I manage my time in retirement based on my mobility and devices I need to do the activity.” -Lillian

“Don’t worry. Go with the flow. Take assignments or volunteer opportunities that matter.  Learn to say no very easily.” – Pete

“Enjoy yourself with what matters.  Your not being selfish. Don’t stress yourself.  You do what you want when you want.” -James

“I take care of my dog and see what happens next!” – Verna

“Walk your dog more and use the Apple watch for activity ideas.” – Mike

“Do things that matter.” – Terry

“Do what I want to do when I want to do it!” – Pat

“What do you want at that moment?” – Kimberly

“I don’t do something I really don’t want to do.  I am happier since making this my New Year’s resolution for 2016” – Majory

“Let your day flow. See what happens and do what you like.” – Anonymous

“Never even thought about time management.” – Warren

“I have always 2 to 3 projects because I am a procrastinator…I take moments for myself then go back to the projects.”-Jocelyn

“As orderly as I can keep it… I keep routine 4 days a week on a regular basis. it keeps your life in better order.” – Bob

“Just wing it! What strikes me today I do.” – Mabel

“Decide on what I want to do…I take care of my flowers.” – Al

“We base our schedules around Precious (dog) and what we do to stay mobile.” – Jerry

Did you get all that advice?

According to La Posada retirees, what is great time management during retirement..

  • Do something you want to do
  • Learn to say no
  • Take care of who or what is important
  • Don’t dwell on time
  • Keep routine
  • Donate your time to what really matters
  • Make choices to do activities creating mobility and happiness
  • Reward yourself for completing “chores” you hate
  • You are not being selfish; you earned your retirement

La Posada’s mission :To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer maintenance-free living choices: apartments, Garden Homes, and Park Centre Homes.

All photos are taken on the La Posada campus.

Grandkids visiting? Try these tourism suggestions!

“What do you do with grandchildren when they visit you in Southern Arizona?”

Make memories!

La Posada hears this question from residents and visitors.  They are looking to spend quality time  with the “the kids” while creating long lasting memories.  Often,  the grandparents are new to Tucson and want to introduce the kids to the adventure of the Southwest.

Whether for grandkids or friends, Southern Arizona offers a treasure trove of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages and abilities. People journey to Arizona not only to visit loved ones and escape winter but want to explore its rugged landscape dotted with saguaros and unusual wildlife.  From hiking and biking  to tours and day trips, Arizona offers visual sights unseen in other parts of the United States.

Our list is based on suggestions to residents and their families. Also,  the list comes from trips organized by the La Posada activities department. This list reflects what interests all ages.  Most of these attractions are open all year and require moderate walking. Please visit the attractions website for current weather, hours of operation, fees, and any other accommodations that may be needed for your visit.

We suggest the following Tucson area tourism attractions to create great memories. Please click on the link below to visit the attraction’s website.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum

Saguaro National Park

Reid Park Zoo

Madera Canyon 

Tubac Village

Sabino Canyon

Mount Lemmon

Kartchner Caverns

Kitt Peak National Obervatory

Children’s Museum Tucson

San Xavier del Bac

Old Tucson Studios

Downtown Tucson

DeGrazia Gallery of the Sun

Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Titan Missile Museum


International Wildlife Museum

Remember, your in the desert! Make sure your loved one drinks water!

La Posada  was not paid  for the above  travel suggestions.

For up-to-date Tucson tourism and events, please stop-by the  Visit Tucson Facebook Page.

La Posada’s mission :To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

La Posada at Park Centre is Arizona’s 1st accredited  Continuing Care Retirement Community located in Green Valley, AZ, 23 miles south of Tucson.  We offer maintenance-free living choices: apartments, Garden Homes, and Park Centre Homes.

Want to learn more about the La Posada retirement culture, please visit and like the La Posada Facebook Page.