Time Management in Retirement…What’s that?

How do you manage your free time in retirement?

Do you idle and see what happens next? Or, do you set goals to accomplish retirement experiences?

Yes, we are talking about time management in retirement!

We aren’t talking about honey-do lists or the innocuous bucket lists items.  What you do in retirement  is your own choice…But, are you creating a memorable retirement or dwelling on time?

According to a Next Avenue story, many retirees wrestle with the concept of time management during retirement.  In March/April 2016, we asked La Posada residents the following question: How do you manage time in retirement? 

Here are their answers…..

“What is time management?” – Anonymous

“Retirement moves too fast…Too many choices.” – Marilyn

“Do what you want when you want.” -Nancy

“Pick and choose what you want to do! Donate your time to what really matters.” -Bob

“Learn to say no. Don’t over commit yourself. Achieve what you want.” – Mary

“Use calendars and reminder apps from your mobile phone to organize your time.” -Lisa

“Do personal chores everyday. I do one hour on my interests… email, stock market, family..” – Warren

“Make an agenda for each day. What will you accomplish today? Check them off each day. If you hate an item on your agenda,  do the item.  Reward yourself for completing the items you hate. ” – Dorothy

“Again, what is time management?” – Anonymous

“Don’t dwell in the past! This is now!  Do time management by activity, not by the clock. It’s frustrating ..You end up filling time. Pick an activity you enjoy, not time” – Dwight

” I manage my time in retirement based on my mobility and devices I need to do the activity.” -Lillian

“Don’t worry. Go with the flow. Take assignments or volunteer opportunities that matter.  Learn to say no very easily.” – Pete

“Enjoy yourself with what matters.  Your not being selfish. Don’t stress yourself.  You do what you want when you want.” -James

“I take care of my dog and see what happens next!” – Verna

“Walk your dog more and use the Apple watch for activity ideas.” – Mike

“Do things that matter.” – Terry

“Do what I want to do when I want to do it!” – Pat

“What do you want at that moment?” – Kimberly

“I don’t do something I really don’t want to do.  I am happier since making this my New Year’s resolution for 2016” – Majory

“Let your day flow. See what happens and do what you like.” – Anonymous

“Never even thought about time management.” – Warren

“I have always 2 to 3 projects because I am a procrastinator…I take moments for myself then go back to the projects.”-Jocelyn

“As orderly as I can keep it… I keep routine 4 days a week on a regular basis. it keeps your life in better order.” – Bob

“Just wing it! What strikes me today I do.” – Mabel

“Decide on what I want to do…I take care of my flowers.” – Al

“We base our schedules around Precious (dog) and what we do to stay mobile.” – Jerry

Did you get all that advice?

According to La Posada retirees, what is great time management during retirement..

  • Do something you want to do
  • Learn to say no
  • Take care of who or what is important
  • Don’t dwell on time
  • Keep routine
  • Donate your time to what really matters
  • Make choices to do activities creating mobility and happiness
  • Reward yourself for completing “chores” you hate
  • You are not being selfish; you earned your retirement

La Posada’s mission :To Maximize the Well-Being of Seniors.

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All photos are taken on the La Posada campus.